Application Fees

There are two fees which only apply to those applying for membership in CMA. The Membership Application Fee which is required of all who apply and the Provisional Clergy Marriage Licence which is optional and only applies for those who need to perform a wedding ceremony prior to the completion of their membership application in September. Select the options below which apply to your application.

Membership Application Fee

(required & non-refundable)

All New Applications for CMA Membership must pay this fee prior to us processing your application. This purchase button allows you to pay via credit card or Visa debit card. For details on the entire application process please read our How to Join CMA page.

Remember to first submit your application online - then return here to pay this application fee.

CMA Membership Application


Pay now

Once your application is accepted, your CMA Membership Dues of $180 for your membership (Sep. to Aug.) will be invoiced by email via our payment platform on Sep. 1st. You will pay those dues through that invoice. Those dues will be payable upon receipt and prior to receiving your new credentials.

Provisional Clergy Marriage Licence

Licence for weddings prior to September 1st in your application year (pay this in addition to your application fee). For more info on how to use this licence read our Marriage & Weddings page.

Remember to first apply for this licence - then return here to pay for this licence.

Provisional Clergy Marriage Licence


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Other Payment Options

To pay for either one or both of the above fees you can pay with credit card, Visa debit card, eTransfer, or cheque. Processing of your application will begin once funds are received. Credit Card and Visa Debit Card transactions are processed via the purchase buttons above. For other options see below.

  • e-Transfer

    Send e-Transfers to:


    Include a note telling us the name of the person and the fee that the e-Transfer is for.

  • Cheque

    Payable to:

    Christian Ministers Association

    Mail to:

    CMA, Box 2168, Sardis Stn. Main, Chilliwack, BC V2R 1A6


    Include a note telling us the name of the person and the fee that the cheque is for.