CMA Membership Map

Search For A Specific Member

If you don't know where a member lives you can open the menu on the map (top left corner) and search for a member by name in the alphabetical listing of all members. Clicking on their name will reveal where they are on the map and open their profile.

If you are looking for a member on the map but can only find a different member that lives at that same address that is because their map profile is hidden behind this other profile. To open the member's profile that you are looking for you need to look them up in the alphabetical listing and click on their name. This will reveal their profile and show their pin on the map.

Find A Member's Contact Information

When you find the member you are looking for you can get their phone number, email and address by clicking on their SimpleChurch Profile link. You will need to log into your account first so if you need help with that check out this page or contact us.

Update Your Contact Info

If you notice that your contact information is incorrect, please log into your online account and update your address. The Admin Team needs to approve your update and these changes don't get reflected on this map immediately so please be patient after you submit your change request.