What makes a life deeply rich? 

We clearly see in Scripture and in life that a relationship with Jesus is all about relationship with one another. God from the beginning chose the marriage covenant relationship as a vivid illustration of his deep love, affection and devotion toward us.

The word HONOUR actually carries with it the meaning of holding something deeply PRECIOUS . In Hebrews 13  we see the desire of the Father for marriage to be held in HONOUR by all . This scripture on its own, draws us to lean in and HOLD the things that are PRECIOUS to Him as PRECIOUS to us. That is what makes a life deeply rich by valuing the things that our heavenly Father values with deep devotion and care. 

We believe that the institution of Marriage is an ordinance that was created by God and therefore belongs to the Church and its arm in the world. Its origin is with God and is therefore authorized and blessed by God and ministers ordained by God.

We have chosen, according to the Scriptures, to uphold the marriage covenant, solely between a man and a woman, as deeply precious. 

The blessing of a man and a woman in marriage is the only form of marriage sanctioned by CMA members.

CMA Position on Biblical MARRIAGE

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    It is such an honour as ministers to walk along side a couple as they launch out into life together. Getting marriage right is one thing ... solemnizing a wedding right is another. We desire that each member that performs a wedding is relaxed and confident with the process. 

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