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but we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.

2cor 4:7

Frequently asked questions FAQ

  • how do i become a member 

    Membership in the CMA is a simple three step process. 

    * At this time we are only able to accept members from  Canada & USA

    A. Recommender stage

    B. Application stage

    C. Acceptance stage

    A) As we are a relational fellowship of members, we first ask new applicants to connect and establish an ongoing relationship with a current CMA member. This member will become your recommender to the CMA. Acceptance to the CMA requires all members to have a current member of the CMA as your recommender for friendship and support. If you are not aware of a member in your circle of ministry we can assist you with achieving this.

    B) Secondly we request that once a relationship is in place with a current CMA member, submit an application to our office. Once the application has been received and reviewed we will contact you. FORMS are available below and in the member RESOURCE section by scrolling further down this page.

    C) Full acceptance in the CMA occurs at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING during our National conference each year. New applicants are accepted as presented to the membership by vote at that time. All new applicants are required to be in attendance in the first year of their membership*. Please check the conference page for information on the National gathering.

    D) Membership does not carry automatic Ordination. Please refer to the section below regarding our culture and practice of Ordination.


  • how do i become an ordained minister

    CMA welcomes both ordained ministers as well as lay or non ordained ministers. Ordination is not a distinction or status we require for membership. At the core of our culture, we hold to the Biblical reality of persons being set apart for the work of ministry both in a church context as well as outside the typical structure and form of a historical church setting. 

    If you are applying for membership and would like to be ordained, or are already a member but not ordained, we ask that you first consult your recommender.  It is important that ordination comes First from Within your circle of ministry relationships. "It seemed good to us and to the Holy Spirit" is an important principle to follow. We highly encourage ordination by the ones who walk with you and witness to the reality that you serve the Kingdom of God as one gifted and qualified.

    If you would like the leadership of the CMA to participate or oversee your ordination, or simply have more questions, please connect with us.



    LICENCE TO solemnize weddings

    Membership in CMA does not automatically register you to solemnize marriage. Membership does carry with it the ability to perform weddings* in the province in which you reside as well as obtaining temporary permits for weddings outside your province of residency.

    We encourage members to apply for a permanent marriage number registration with CMA in the province in which they live if you are planning to solemnize more than the occasional wedding. 

    We ask members that need to perform a wedding once in a while to apply for a temporary permit for each wedding. When applying please remember that we need a minimum of 8 weeks to process your request. 




    * CMA only authorizes the sacred union of a man and a woman in Holy Matrimony, in adherence to a literal and Orthodox interpretation of Scripture.

  • does my licence work in every province

    As a Canadian member with CMA, you may solemnize weddings outside of the province in which you reside. You MUST APPLY to our office for this ability. Each province has its own regulations and requirements. If you need a marriage number for a wedding outside of your province please fill out the TEMPORARY MARRIAGE permit form below and submit it to us. 

    Please allow 8 weeks for this process. 


  • does cma assist with church planting 

    Anytime we hear that someone with a call wants to Start up  of any kind, church or para-church ministry, we get excited. Launching out in ministry is something we deeply value here at CMA. Our desire is to come along side when and where possible to help hoist your sails. 

    We believe that Start ups  in ministry belong solely to those carrying the passion and purpose of their dream. With that in mind we would love to connect and talk with you about your heart for ministry. 

    If you would like to chat please let us know


  • does cma serve in other countries 

    The heart and core desire of CMA is to come along side of ministers seeking like- minded friends, fellowship, encouragement along with some helpful resources. Over the past years our primary service and focus has been to the nation of Canada. At our 2014 National Conference, CMA members voted to amended our constitution to return to our original church fathers desire to serve beyond the borders of Canada. Any minister in relationship with current members within the CMA are eligible for membership. If you reside outside of Canada and would like more information about membership, please ask us for more information.





What makes a life deeply rich? 

We clearly see in Scripture and in life that a relationship with Jesus is all about relationship with one another. God from the beginning chose the marriage covenant relationship as a vivid illustration of his deep love, affection and devotion toward us.

The word HONOUR actually carries with it the meaning of holding something deeply PRECIOUS . In Hebrews 13  we see the desire of the Father for marriage to be held in HONOUR by all . This scripture on its own, draws us to lean in and HOLD the things that are PRECIOUS to Him as PRECIOUS to us. That is what makes a life deeply rich by valuing the things that our heavenly Father values with deep devotion and care. 

We believe that the institution of Marriage is an ordinance that was created by God and therefore belongs to the Church and its arm in the world. Its origin is with God and is therefore authorized and blessed by God and ministers ordained by God.

We have chosen, according to the Scriptures, to uphold the marriage covenant, solely between a man and a woman, as deeply precious. 

The blessing of a man and a woman in marriage is the only form of marriage sanctioned by CMA members.

cma MEMBERSHIP resources

  • mentoring - Coaching

    walking  with  others

    Simply sitting down over a coffee for a few moments can add perspective that we really need. To have that kind of connection with no strings other than a shared passion for the kingdom is a dream. Dreams can come true. All it might take is a gentle nudge or a few encouraging words. We would love to chat about walking a bit closer with you and hear your dream......  


    " Its entirely Possible "

  • Invite a team

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this picture is priceless! 

    A hug and an encouraging word is worth so much more than a membership card. It may not be priceless but friendship and fellowship does something to our hearts that brings a smile to the Father. If you would like to schedule a visit from  us on the team here at CMA or from some of our trusted friends, please let us know.


  • wedding basics

    It is such an honour as ministers to walk along side a couple as they launch out into life together. Getting marriage right is one thing ... solemnizing a wedding right is another. We desire that each member that performs a wedding is relaxed and confident with the process. 

    If you have any questions about marriage please




  • worship and media

    Making a joyful noise to the Lord is great and challenging all at the same time. Being overly passionate often moves us to jump in and then..... rethink it. REALLY ! its true ... There is a way to have zeal and excellence  in Worship and Media. If we through our connectedness can help point you in the right direction, or simply put our arm around you to encourage you, we would love to do that.  We have helped many ministries find worship leaders, sound techs and media gifted servants over the years. whether you need a guest worship leader to fill in or help training your sound team, we may be able to help.



  • preaching assistance

    Such a  great verse from the scripture is  A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silverThe same is true of a friend or fellow minister sharing a prophetic word of encouragement or a sermon that lifts and confirms the truths of the heart of the Father among us. If you would like or are in need of someone, perhaps a CMA member to assist you as you take a needed break or just a breather from preaching, please let us know.