At Plan to Protect®, our priority is abuse prevention and vulnerable sector protection.

By equipping your team with effective and customized policies, procedures, and training, our goal is to make your community a safe one.

CMA has partnered with Plan To Protect to offer our members

a discount on materials and membership with this resource.

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Plan to Protect® is pleased to welcome the Christian Minister’s Association as their newest partner. The aim of the partnership is to provide solutions to Ministers and their Churches, along with tools and

training to protect children, youth, vulnerable adults and those that work with them!

Plan to Protect® provides the HIGHEST STANDARD of abuse prevention and protection for organizations servicing the vulnerable sector. We currently service 10,000 churches in Canada and the United States. As a Canadian-based organization, Plan to Protect® provides subject expertise to assist churches in creating ministries that value safety and protection, and to qualify for abuse coverage.

It is our pleasure to partner with Christian Minister’s Association. As part of the partnership offerings, we would like to provide your active Ministers and their churches the following:

  1. A complimentary introductory webinar on Plan to Protect® 101 visit the CMA Website to register;

  2. A complimentary assessment and report, which will benchmark their status against the standard of

    protection and abuse prevention recommended by Plan to Protect® and insurance companies–

  3. Our monthly newsletter, which contains case studies, articles, FAQs, upcoming training opportunities, and monthly specials –

  4. A 10% discount on any of our resources, training, memberships and services.

Visit our website and explore our many services, list of clients and members, FAQs, case studies, blogs, and much more.