Members, Applicants & Spouses

The National Conference is FREE for Members and Applicants and their spouses since it's included in the annual Membership Dues

Option 1: Applicants
Your annual dues invoice is emailed to you at the beginning of September. Please pay it when it arrives. The conference is free for you.

Option 2: Members (paid)
If you already paid your annual dues invoice you are done.

Option 3: Members (owing dues)
If you have an UNPAID annual dues invoice go to the PayPal invoice you received and pay that now (payment options are listed in the invoice). All member invoices must be paid by September 1st.

Option 4: Spouses (of Applicants AND Members)
You attend the conference for free so you are done.

Spouses attend the conference for free so remember to have your spouse register if they are attending the conference so we can prepare for their presence with us (we only send conference reminders to members so only you can pass this information on to them).

Invited Guests & Alumni

Please pay your conference registration fee here:

The CMA National Conference is a closed conference for members, applicants, spouses, invited guests, and former members who have retained Alumni status with the CMA.

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